Even if you have never drawn or painted before, ToonPAINT sets you up for quick success by providing a MagiSketch that you can simply color in. It’s as easy as “paint-by-numbers”, but using your own personal images.


Import: Import pictures from your iPhone or iPod touch, or even take a snapshot with the iPhone’s built-in camera.

Navigation: While you paint, you can pinch- zoom and pan to give you the most control over your painting.

MagiSketch: State-of-the-Art image processing algorithms process your input image to create a customizable sketch, fully automatically. You can create many exciting effects just by adjusting the basic and advanced MagiSketch settings.

Help/Hints: New to painting? We’ve got your back! When you first use ToonPAINT, help screens instruct you about the functionality of the app. For more advanced users, we provide in-app hints and tips.

Color Picking: In addition to the standard color picking (Rainbow picker), you can now pick from previous paint and from the source image.

Painting: You can color-in the MagiSketch by painting with your finger to create amazing images within minutes.

Undo/Redo: You can shake the iPhone to undo/redo the latest paint-strokes. You can also access this feature through the “bomb” icon. (New): More UNDO levels!

High-Res Save: We support High-resolution saving, with a slightly longer saving time. High-res images can be uploaded to Facebook.

Sessions (New): Whenever you load a new image or save a version of your drawing, a session is automatically created for you. You can continue any session at a later stage, exactly as you left it!